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Grading week playlist – day 2

January 21, 2015

Part of the reason I love listening to vinyl records while grading is I need to get up every 20 minutes or so, and it keeps the day flying along. I listened to another Grateful Dead show this morning since I also took the time to try to mail order tickets for their final (!) shows this summer, that just so happen to be in Chicago. It was a great scene at the post office this morning – there were easily 25 people there (multiply that times post offices around the country) decorating envelopes with dancing bears and skulls, trying to understand how to use a money order, and being sure to follow the precise directions. Fun bonding!

Here is today’s list:

  • The J.B’s – These are the J.B.’s
  • Grateful Dead – 11-18-1972 (Houston, TX) – vinyl Record Store Day edition
  • Big Boys – Fun, Fun, Fun
  • Chavez – Gone Glimmering
  • Stuff – More Stuff
  • Pharaoh Sanders – Love Will Find a Way
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