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More Grading Week tunes

January 24, 2014

I’m going to try to add in more links to these lists so everyone can play along!

The week of listening (and grading) continued with these selections:

  • Jimmy Herring’s new band is The Ringers. They played a fantastic show last night (2014-01-23) in Atlanta – here’s a link to a stream of it, taped by the one and only Zman:
  • Charles Earland’s Black Talk  
  • Houston Person’s Houston Express  
  • Pamphleteers / Blasted Diplomats split EP  
  • Swell Maps Jane From Occupied Europe  
  • Mind and Matter 1514 Oliver Avenue (Basement)
  • Miles Davis / Thelonious Monk Miles & Monk at Newport
  • Acid Mothers Temple In Search of the Lost Divine Arc
  • Fareed Haque Trance Hypothesis

So yes, it has included quite a variety of music and yes, some of it might seem rather hard to grade to, but it’s all just so great. My music room / library / office is a perfect grading space, especially with the wonder of

I really liked the Pamphleteers / Blasted Diplomats split ep – the stream of great rock music being made in Chicago is endless and these are two bands I’d love to see. On a related note I picked up tickets to check out Acid Mothers Temple in May – I’ve never seen them live and have only heard a few of their records. But with the face / mind melting of Divine Arc I’m ready for more. Plus, their appearance on Amoeba music’s “What’s In My Bag?” was outstanding – seeing Kawabata Makoto pick up a Jewish summer camp record because he thought it looked interesting may be the best moment I’ve seen in this whole series.  Check it out:


Still lots of work to do – still lots of music to listen to!

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