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Grading week playlist – part 1

January 23, 2014

And so it begins – the playlist for first semester grading week 2014!

Note: I’m only listing complete albums I listen to. I’ll also create a Spotify playlist with whichever ones they have, since I’ll pretty much be listening to all of this on vinyl. Let the week of music begin!


  • John Martyn
    • Live at Leeds
  • Superchunk (in preparation for seeing them at the Metro tonight!)
    • Foolish
    • I Hate Music
    • On the Mouth


  • John Martyn
    • Solid Air
    • Live at Leeds
  • Van Morrison
    • His Band and the Street Choir
    • Tupelo Honey
    • Veedon Fleece


  • Fleetwood Mac
    • Then Play On
    • Kiln House
    • Future Games
    • Bare Trees
  • John Mayall’s Blues Breakers
    • Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton
    • Crusade
    • A Hard Road
  • Jellyfish
    • Radio Jellyfish
  • Tall Farlow
    • Discs 1-3 of The Complete Verve collection


  • Fleetwood Mac
    • In London (1968)
  • Jeff Beck
    • Truth
    • Beck-Ola
  • Television
    • Live in San Francisco, 1978

The British blues sound of the late 60’s was my ish this week, and it sent me back to a bunch of records I haven’t listened to in a while. Then I realized it’s really the week of the guitar. Sure the Peter Green, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Beck work is essential electric blues, but I also mixed it up. The Tal Farlow records are among my most favorite jazz guitar sounds, and those mid 1950’s releases are consistently excellent. The John Martyn stuff at the start of the week got me off to a mellow start, followed by Van Morrison. But there was also the detour into noisy rock with Superchunk and now Television. So many excellent records!

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