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Playlist for finals week – Part 3

January 24, 2013

The flow of great tunes is endless even as the time to crack the turntable during daylight hours is fading.  Lots of stories associated with today’s choices:

1- Terry Manning and the Wild Ones – Border Town Rock N’ Roll 1963 (El Paso Rock – Volume 7)

  • From the fabulous Norton Record label!  They suffered quite a loss in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with much of their stock of rare garage rock either lost or needing to be rescued and re-packaged.  They hosted quite a few benefits and opportunities for volunteers to scrub records clean of salt water and debris – if I still lived on the east coast, I would have loved to have been there!  So instead I scooped up a few of their new releases, including this gem of noisy tunes.  Let it never be said any corner of the country, or the world, can’t be home to great musical talent and innovation!

2- Five Years of Sacred Bones Records

  • With a recent feature on Pitchfork about the “New Electronic Brooklyn Underground” I thought I’d dig deeper into the label who brought The Men and Psychic Ills into my life.  This is a wide and varied collection and it felt like coming across a great dj on a college radio station, playing one interesting song after another.  I’ve picked up Folkazoid and Holydrug Couple recently, but haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet.  After spinning this comp, I have high hopes!

3- The White Stripes – White Blood Cells

  • A modern classic – one I’m now happy to have on 180 gram vinyl.  I just want to spend as much time inside of Jack White’s guitars as possible, and this record helps to make that happen.  Our rockstar nanny has been playing White Stripes songs for the boys as she drives them to and from activities, so they are getting a lot of play in our house these days.  To top it off, we visited the astoundingly cool Third Man Records in Nashville, Jack White’s own shop, where we bought a wax model of one of JW’s guitars and listened to a demo recording of one of his early songs played by stuffed toy monkeys.  Loved it.

4- Mugstar – Axis

  • These guys are new on my radar, although this is their 5th record.  Their previous one is titled, “In Search of Hawkwind,” so it was pretty clear what sound they have going on –  jammy space rock with extended riffing, an a few synths thrown in.  The review also name checks Wooden Shjips and Stereolab, and on first listen this record was right in my wheelhouse.  It will be making a return appearance very soon.  

5- J – 88 – Best Kept Secret

  • I heard a few months back that Ma Dukes came across J Dilla’s vinyl collection in a storage locker and planned to put it on sale to cover a variety of expenses.  NME followed up this week with a story about it finally hitting ebay and apparently it sold out instantly.  So with Dilla on my mind (His Donuts record is essential listening) I decided to pull out this collection that includes some remixes from Madlib.  The Slum Village material is consistently strong, and Dilla’s magic with beats never ceases to amaze.  

6- African Music Machine – Black Water Gold

  • A funky southern soul outfit with a fabulous groove – more soul than the African influence I expected to hear, but plenty of it in all the right places.  This is a compilation of several 45 releases, so it’s all killer, no filler.  Seriously, this had me right away.  I haven’t been able to find out too much about these guys, but if I ever come across anything else with their name on it, I’ll get my boogie shoes out.  

7- Studio One Ironsides

  • Yet another Soul Jazz compilation of classic reggae sounds?  No question – I must own it.  At this point I’ve lost count of the different series this can’t miss label put out, but once their stamp is on it, it’s a guaranteed winner.  This made for a delightful afternoon visit to the reggae church and its rocksteady sounds just kept me moving.  Spin a few and feel the love!


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