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Hail Hail Rock and Roll!

January 28, 2012

Chuck Berry will pardon the reference to the documentary film about him in my title to this post, especially since I ate at Blueberry Hill and pumped down a great bowl of Chili Mac there before bopping down the street to the amazing Vintage Vinyl.  Speaking of record stores, I’m thrilled to bear witness to their rebirth here in the Windy City, with wonders like Logan Hardware, Saki Records, Permanent Records, and the glorious Dusty Groove all flourishing and beckoning me downtown.

One of the reasons for my religious-themed post is the arrival of Foxy Shazam’s new CD, The Church of Rock and Roll.  These guys are just way too fun and fab – easily one of the best acts I’ve seen at Lolla, right up there with Butcherettes.  Here’s a video from the record to dig while reading along here.

Another is how much I’m loving Catherine Howe’s What A Beautiful Place and the Los Nombres cd and the recent Boddie records box set, all from the Numero Group.  They truly can do no wrong.  Which reminds me – how did I not hear David Crosby’s If I Could Only Remember My Name, or Pink Fairies, or The Pagans until this week?  Too many records, not enough time.

So I could keep writing about music but I want to write a longer post about the Jewish Poetry class I’m teaching and what it so wonderful about reading Karl Shapiro, Gerald Stern, Paul Celan, and Adrienne Rich with the wonderful group of adults I have at the synagogue – I’ll save that for next time.

Plus, I’m experimenting with linking my WordPress blog to my Tumblr to my Facebook and my Twitter – woohoo!

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