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Music savages the calm beast

December 1, 2010

Yes yes it has been forever since I’ve said anything here by by golly once the school year gets going it’s just hard to keep track of everything.  I’ve been overloading on music these days (no surprise) – I kinda feel like Madlib in this picture:

 And that’s only what’s on the dining room table and bedroom floor!  My latest explorations have taken me into 1970’s soul jazz, spacey funk grooves, hip-hop madness, and DJ beats.  Somehow I’ve been finding both Madlib and J Dilla’s names attached to many of the cd’s currently on my desk or on the front seat of my car, so props to them.

I think this has been an amazing year for music in general and I can’t recommend enough the work done at the king of all music blogs, largehearted boy.  Go ahead – click there – I dare you.  MP3’s, links to top ten lists and blogs and videos.  And – books!  Incredibly this guy manages to feed my literature mojo just as much as my endless music needs.  How in the world does he do it?  I’m truly impressed and thanksful.  Need more?  Check out this awesome list of the best music blogs around – yes, Virginia, there is more out there than Pitchfork (even though of course that is part of the daily web browse!). 

Alright, I just needed to return to the blogosphere and hopefully will be a more frequent flyer.  Happy listening!

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