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Been gone so long – time to get back on the train

June 10, 2010

Well that didn’t last long – the idea of blogging daily about a cd and book.  I had grand visions of blogging from my phone, of constantly updating this blog with little thoughts, but by golly it is not so easy.  I’m thinking of the blogs I love to read each day and am just stunned at the commitment it takes.  If only I didn’t have a job, wife, kids, books to read, e-mail to respond to, a house to clean…  Yeah, well, in perspective I guess I need to figure out where to fit the blogosphere and my digital life into the rest of it.   In the meantime, it was my younger son’s birthday today, my older son had his last day of school, my last day is Friday, and my head is sunburned from a day at Six Flags with the boys.

CD#9: Various Artists – Dig the New Breed: Singles from the New Millennium (Acid Jazz)

Oh Acid Jazz, how I love you as a label and how can I begin to give enough props to all of the groove you’ve brought to my life.  Eighteen years ago when I was working at the Inside Track on Armitage Ave. in Chicago, we had a cardboard box with a few of the great early compilation cd’s Acid Jazz put out, namely the Totally Wired series.  Through them I got to know the music of Galliano, Snowboy, and the Brand New Heavies, among many others.   Now, there is a new collection of music and artists bringing the noise and the funk and the groove, ‘specially Smoove, with a few appearances on this disc.  The winner for me is a great twist on Gil-Scot Heron’s essential “The Revolution Will not be Televised,” spinning it positive.  Check it out: 

Just pop this cd into your summer and make it instantly groov-a-licious.  Did I forget to mention the Mod Father himself, Paul Weller, appears on a track here?  Guaranteed to make you smile.

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