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Day 7 – Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul – I Really Love That Rock and Roll

June 1, 2010

A beautiful Memorial Day in Chicago – a birthday party for my youngest son, an afternoon movie (see below) with lotsa of friends and kids, and wins from the Blackhawks and Twins.  A perfect day to listen to…

Cd#7: Band of Horses – Infinite Arms (Columbia)

Oh such wonderful timing!  Just as I’m finally getting around to multiple spins of this fantastic CD, there is an NPR piece about the band.  Check it out here.  What a lovely record.  There’s a good link with some of the other CD’s I’ve written about here, especially Pet Sounds from the Beach Boys, and a good measure of Neil Young, but then Band of Horses goes off in another direction.    The music speaks for itself – great vocals / harmonies, intricate songwriting laced with enough poppy-catchy-ness to make it stick, and good variety over the course of the cd.  Some reviewers have called it boring or at least not as engaging as their previous work.   I’m going to disagree and side with those who see it as a refreshing Americana cake clice.  As you can see in my other commentaries here, it’s a cake I like eating from.  Did I forget to mention how great they were on the Late Late Show with the funniest man on television, Craig Ferguson?  Watch it right here:

Movie: Shrek Forever After (Dreamworks)

What can I say?  I took my kids on a rainy holiday afternoon to a packed theater – and I just loved this movie.  Fun characters, decent storyline, and pretty spectacular 3-D animation.  Is it going to end up in my top films of all time?  Of course not?  Is a Hollywood factory popcorn film something truly enjoyable every now and then?  Of course.  Did I find myself connecting with a character – hmm –  Shrek at first delights in seeing his kids each morning and the daily routine of family nonsense, only soon to be a bit overwhelmed by it, but eventually taken by how truly wonderful every second of it is.  Plus, save for the horns I’m looking a bit Shrek-ish these days.   And to think, it used to be Eddie from Rocky Horror… (but are they so different?)

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