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Day 6 – Dig the New (Old) Breed

May 30, 2010

A nod to Paul Weller and the Jam in the title of today’s entry – can’t ever get enough of them.  While grading essays this morning, a wonderful little package arrived from Numero Group, perhaps the best reissue label ever.  It’s their newest release, hitting stores soon, and it’s a gem from track 1.

CD#6: Local Customs: Lone Star Lowlands (Numero)

If you can, click on over and check out a preview here.  It’s like opening a time machine from the early 70’s of unknown bands working to build on the great sounds of the day.  Oh how I wish Mother Lion, Sassy, or Bobby Welch had full-length albums available today.  It’s tempting to play “spot the influence” with these great tunes but I think that sells them short.  The extensive liner notes in the always excellent booklets from Numero pull you into what was clearly a vibrant collection of musicians doing their best to write and record great songs.  I didn’t realize I was going to be receiving a second disc of tunes from this great library, and if you hurry and order you’ll get it too.  I spun this three times today and it was like listenining to a radio station playing all great songs Idid’t know.  It’s a little country rock, blues rock, singer-songwriter, and a good psychedelic influence in there for good measure as well.  I will always buy whatever Numero puts out!

Book #6: …

(In what I hope to not be a pattern, I’m going to put off this one – it’s late, and I’ll write about two tomorrow!)

I must close with a nod to Dennis Hopper who passed away earlier today.  Here is the New York Times obit, but I’m sure there will be many great articles about him in the days and weeks to come.  I’d insert a quotation from Blue Velvet, something said by Frank Booth, but none of it is shareable in polite company, surprise surprise.

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