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Day 2 – The Sophomore Slump?

May 25, 2010

So every great debut album leaves the question of the sophomore follow-up wide open – will it be as good as the first?  Does this band really have something else to say?  Will I be able to keep my self-imposed challenge going on into  the second day out of a proposed 90?  Well, read on an find out.

CD#2: The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt (Dead Oceans)

The challenge: Celebrate this CD without using these words: Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, Charlie Patton, Nick Drake, Singer-Songwriter, Lyrics, and Acoustic.  Good luck.  OK, so I’m certainly not the first trying to hip you to the great work of Kristian Matsson, who plays under this great moniker, but let me add my voice to the growing throngs of those ready to bump Bon Iver and Iron & Wine over for a new man on the throne.  This CD just keeps getting better with each listen – its not just great words, chords, and vocals.  It’s more like a great book of short stories.  Throw “King of Spain” onto your next mix tape (oh, for the days of mix tapes) or playlist and just try not to dig it.

Book #2: “Unmasking Shakespeare” by Michael Posner

OK, so first I must hereby amend my too-lofty goal of writing about a book a day.  Instead, I’m going to write about something interesting I read that day and it might be a book or article or cereal box.  What I’m hoping is to be able to share as many of these as I can, so here’s a link to this fascinating article.  In the ongoing controversy over the authorship of Shakespeare’s works, this article posits and provides evidence for Amelia Bassano Lanier, a Jewish woman, as the true creator.  The information necessary to write the plays has always puzzled scholars – how could William Shakespeare possibly have known it all?  As for Bassano, there is plentiful evidence to show exactly how she would have had access to it.  As a rabid fan of the Bard’s work, I used to think of these controversies as mere gamesmanship.  De Vere, Marlowe, Bacon – did it matter?  But now with this relatively recent (been around for a few years already) theory, I’m interested once again.  Want more?  Check out this video. 

Until tomorrow!

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